change project

Change project brings about the alternation in the structural relationships, role of people and the transformation of the whole or the part of the organization to cope up with the external and internal forces that necessitate the need for bringing about the change within the organization. Change project affects people, structure, technology, policies, procedures and various other elements of the firm and increases the chances of success of organization through the planned set of tasks and activities which has to be implemented within the stipulated period of time to bring about the necessary change within the firm. Change project helps the firm in bringing about the desired change in a better manner and planned change utilizes the structural framework for bringing organizational change through a set of planned, interrelated, sequential activities, the chances of success of change project will increase. In today’s fast moving business world, change is inevitable and is important for every organization to change in order to sustain, to maintain a competitive edge and to open up doors of opportunities for its growth and development. Change project encompasses the application of tools, procedures, knowledge in a systematic and planned manner to bring about the transformation for achieving organizational  competencies  and adapting to the new and better  ways of doing  things .It is essential for the organizations to continuously evolve by implementing new systems and processes  within the firm driven by  constantly changing market trends ,new technologies, changes customers preferences and helping employees to cope up with the changes.

The key steps that are needed for initiating and successfully implementing the change process within the firm are:

  • Analyzing the current situation and understanding the need for change
  • Communicating the stakeholders
  • Developing a change plan model
  • Implementing the change
  • Analyzing people’s reaction to change
  • Evaluating the progress of the change project
  • Reviewing effectiveness of change project and suggestions for further improvements

Change is vital for every kind of organization if it wants to sustain and grow in this competitive world and wants to fulfill the ever increasing needs and changing expectations of the customers.

 There are varieties of external and internal forces that is the reason for bringing about the required changes that are likely to impact the current and future performance of the firm. Projects that utilize the effective change management strategies are more likely to be successful and while implementing the desired change for organizational effectiveness, it is essential to apply the appropriate tools, techniques, processes for achieving the transformation from the current to the future state of the firm in order to have a competitive edge in today’s globally competitive business world.

 An effective change management framework helps in minimizing the risks associated with the change project, in staying and completing the project according to the predetermined schedule with in the stipulated frame and understanding the implications of new ideas and methods through change achieving the long term benefits for the organization.

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