Employee Relations

Employees are one of the most crucial of all the assets of an organization and maintaining good human relationships with in the firm is one essential factor contributing towards the success of the firm. Employees work in collaboration with one another and seek trust and support of the management and also the management in turn seeks trust, support and commitment of the employees in delivering highest level of performances. Seeking success of the organization is a group effort and an organization solely depends on its employees for achieving its short term and long term objectives. It is only when the employees share a good human relation with one  other as well as the employer ,success of the organization can be achieved as a firm’s success depend on the efforts put by its employees in achieving efficiency and thereby raising the firm’s productivity and performance

What is Employee Relations?

The relation between employees – employees, employees and employer impacts a great deal in achieving effective working with in the firm. An environment of mutual trust, commitment, warmth and harmony is required for the growth and development of individuals, teams as well as an  organization .Individuals must work together in collaboration, fully abiding the organization’s policies, work ethics  and procedures and demonstrate their effectiveness as teams to realize every business plan that a firm has  and creates  healthy working  environment.

There are number of benefits an organization and its employees can have by maintaining healthy employee relations:

  • Increased cooperation between employees
  • High employee morale
  • Higher productivity
  • Greater commitment of the employees towards organizational goals
  • Alignment of individual goals of the employees with the firm’s short term and long term objectives
  • Concern for recognition of workers as human beings and achievement of good human relationships with in the firm
  • Creates an opportunity for self-expression and development
  • Helps in creating a better social environment at the workplace
  • Better working environment with positive attitude of the employees

Important tips for achieving better employee relations with in the firm:

 1.Positive attitude: Manager should emphasize on the inculcation of positive attitude among his team members and should be impartial open minded and fair in his judgment.

2.Clear instructions: Clear, precise and complete instructions must be given by the seniors to the subordinates and clear expectations of the firm should be communicated to the employees as what is expected from them and what they can do to fulfill those expectations

3.Two way communication channel: There should be a two way communication channel between employees and management and they should be given the chance to come up with their suggestions, views seeking their full participation in decision making by the firm

4.Team work: Team work and harmony must be achieved by eliminating the employee grievances and resolving conflicts among the individual team members .Efforts should be made to reconcile the individual efforts of the employees with the group efforts for achieving the firm’s success.

5.Group Participation: Good employee relations are maintained when every member is given the chance to participate in planning and decision making. Group dynamics has a major role in impacting and changing the behaviors and attitudes of the employees when they are  the part of greater  groups and not working as individuals only.

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